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audio_file Struct Reference

#include <audio_file.h>

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Detailed Description

The data needed about an audio file.

Definition at line 37 of file audio_file.h.

Public Attributes

char * album
 Name of the album, stored in UTF-8.
char * artist
 Name of the artist, stored in UTF-8.
unsigned int channels
 The number of audio channels.
struct audio_formatdrv
 An audio format for opening, closing and reading the audio file.
void * drv_data
 Extra information that might be needed.
FILE * fp
 The FILE pointer for the file.
unsigned int srate
 The file's sample rate.
int stream
 File is a stream (no seeking).
unsigned int time_cur
 Position we are at in the file in seconds.
unsigned int time_len
 The file's length in seconds.
char * title
 Name of the song, stored in UTF-8.

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