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void playq_cursong_seek ( int  len,
int  rel 

Seek the current song by a certain amount of time.

Seek the current played song.

Definition at line 351 of file playq.c.

References PF_SEEK, PF_SEEK_ABS, PF_SEEK_REL, playq_flags, playq_lock(), playq_seek_time, playq_unlock(), and playq_wakeup.

Referenced by gui_input_cursong_seek_backward(), gui_input_cursong_seek_forward(), and gui_input_cursong_seek_jump().

      int fl;

      fl = rel ? PF_SEEK_REL : PF_SEEK_ABS;
      playq_flags = (playq_flags & ~PF_SEEK) | fl;
      playq_seek_time = len;


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