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gui_vfslist.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Generic directory/playlist display for textual user interface.

Definition in file gui_vfslist.h.

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struct  gui_vfslist
 Graphical presentation of a vfslist. More...


void gui_vfslist_cursor_down (struct gui_vfslist *gv, int silent)
 Move the cursor one item down.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_head (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor to the top of the list.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_pagedown (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor one page down.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_pageup (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor one page up.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_tail (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor to the bottom of the list.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_up (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor one item up.
void gui_vfslist_destroy (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Deallocate a gui_vfslist.
void gui_vfslist_fullpath (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Show the full pathname of the selected entry in the message bar.
static const char * gui_vfslist_getpercentage (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Return the percentage string.
static struct vfsrefgui_vfslist_getselected (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Read which item is currently selected.
static unsigned int gui_vfslist_getselectedidx (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Read the index number of the currently selected item.
void gui_vfslist_move (struct gui_vfslist *gv, int x, int y, int width, int height)
 Move the dialog to a specified position in the terminal.
struct gui_vfslistgui_vfslist_new (int shownumbers)
 Allocate and initialize a new gui_vfslist.
void gui_vfslist_notify_done (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Notify the gui_vfslist that all changes to the list itself are finished. This causes the list to be redrawn.
void gui_vfslist_notify_post_insertion (struct gui_vfslist *gv, unsigned int index)
 Notify the gui_vfslist that an item has been inserted to the list.
void gui_vfslist_notify_post_randomization (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Notify the gui_vfslist that the list has been randomized.
void gui_vfslist_notify_pre_removal (struct gui_vfslist *gv, unsigned int index)
 Notify the gui_vfslist that an item is about to be removed from the list.
int gui_vfslist_searchnext (struct gui_vfslist *gv, const struct vfsmatch *vm)
 Change the selection to the first item that matches the globally defined search string gui_input_cursearch.
static void gui_vfslist_setcallback (struct gui_vfslist *gv, void(*func)(void))
 Set a callback that is run each time the dialog is refreshed.
void gui_vfslist_setfocus (struct gui_vfslist *gv, int focus)
 Focus or unfocus the dialog. This causes the selected item to change its color.
void gui_vfslist_setlist (struct gui_vfslist *gv, const struct vfslist *vl)
 Set the list that should be shown in the dialog.
void gui_vfslist_setselected (struct gui_vfslist *gv, struct vfsref *vr, unsigned int index)
 Change which item is currently selected.
int gui_vfslist_warn_isempty (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Warn the user when the list is empty.

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