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gui_vfslist.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Generic directory/playlist display for textual user interface.

Definition in file gui_vfslist.c.

#include "stdinc.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "gui.h"
#include "gui_internal.h"
#include "gui_vfslist.h"
#include "vfs.h"

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static void gui_vfslist_adjust_post_insertion (struct gui_vfslist *gv, struct vfsref **vr, unsigned int *curidx, unsigned int newidx, int follow)
 Adjust a reference with index to an entry in the playlist, right after a new entry in the playlist gets inserted.
static void gui_vfslist_adjust_pre_removal (struct vfsref **vr, unsigned int *curidx, unsigned int newidx, int follow)
 Adjust our pointer to a VFS reference so it doesn't point to an object that is about to get removed.
static void gui_vfslist_cursor_adjust (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Make sure the cursor resides inside the viewport. Move the viewport if not.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_down (struct gui_vfslist *gv, int silent)
 Move the cursor one item down.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_head (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor to the top of the list.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_pagedown (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor one page down.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_pageup (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor one page up.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_tail (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor to the bottom of the list.
void gui_vfslist_cursor_up (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Move the cursor one item up.
void gui_vfslist_destroy (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Deallocate a gui_vfslist.
void gui_vfslist_fullpath (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Show the full pathname of the selected entry in the message bar.
static unsigned int gui_vfslist_idxcol_width (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Calculate what width the column with the index numbers should have, based on the amount of songs in the playlist.
void gui_vfslist_move (struct gui_vfslist *gv, int x, int y, int width, int height)
 Move the dialog to a specified position in the terminal.
struct gui_vfslistgui_vfslist_new (int shownumbers)
 Allocate and initialize a new gui_vfslist.
void gui_vfslist_notify_done (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Notify the gui_vfslist that all changes to the list itself are finished. This causes the list to be redrawn.
void gui_vfslist_notify_post_insertion (struct gui_vfslist *gv, unsigned int index)
 Notify the gui_vfslist that an item has been inserted to the list.
void gui_vfslist_notify_post_randomization (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Notify the gui_vfslist that the list has been randomized.
void gui_vfslist_notify_pre_removal (struct gui_vfslist *gv, unsigned int index)
 Notify the gui_vfslist that an item is about to be removed from the list.
static void gui_vfslist_percent (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Recalculate the percentage string.
static void gui_vfslist_refresh (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Redraw the contents of the dialog.
int gui_vfslist_searchnext (struct gui_vfslist *gv, const struct vfsmatch *vm)
 Change the selection to the first item that matches the globally defined search string gui_input_cursearch.
void gui_vfslist_setfocus (struct gui_vfslist *gv, int focus)
 Focus or unfocus the dialog. This causes the selected item to change its color.
void gui_vfslist_setlist (struct gui_vfslist *gv, const struct vfslist *vl)
 Set the list that should be shown in the dialog.
void gui_vfslist_setselected (struct gui_vfslist *gv, struct vfsref *vr, unsigned int index)
 Change which item is currently selected.
int gui_vfslist_warn_isempty (struct gui_vfslist *gv)
 Warn the user when the list is empty.


static int scrollpages
 Whether or not we want to scroll entire pages instead of single lines when the selection gets out of sight.

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