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audio_file.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Generic access and decoding of audio file formats.

Definition in file audio_file.h.

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struct  audio_file
 The data needed about an audio file. More...


void audio_file_close (struct audio_file *fd)
 Clean up the given audio_file struct and close the file handle.
struct audio_fileaudio_file_open (const struct vfsref *vr)
 Fill an audio_file struct with the appropiate information and function calls, and open the file handle.
size_t audio_file_read (struct audio_file *fd, int16_t *buf, size_t len)
 Call the read function in the audio_file struct.
void audio_file_seek (struct audio_file *fd, int len, int rel)
 Call the seek function in the audio_file struct.

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